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Opera Briefs

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Name Opera Briefs
Venue The Lir Academy
Artist Royal Irish Academy of Music
Event Date 27/03/2018 18:30

Event Details

The Royal Irish Academy of Music in collaboration with The Lir Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin in association with the Abbey Theatre.

An introduction to the next generation of singers and stage technicians in a Judith Weir and Claudio Monteverdi double bill.

Claudio Monteverdi: Il Ballo delle Ingrate

Judith Weir: Scipio’s Dream (Irish premiere)

Conductor: David Adams

Director: Caitríona McLaughlin

Set & Costume Designer: Maree Kearns

The RIAM, in collaboration with The Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art, returns to the Abbey Theatre for Opera Briefs, a creative partnership between these two dynamic educational institutions.

Duty and responsibility have been used to control women and their behaviour for time immemorial.

Judith Weir’s Scipio’s Dream and Claudio Monteverdi’s ll Ballo delle Ingrate (The Dance of the Ungrateful Women) explore this idea in very different but equally provocative ways.

Weir seems to be saying (admittedly tongue in cheek) that we should give up excitement and love in favour of duty whilst Monteverdi seems to want us to take what we are offered and be grateful for it or suffer the consequences.

Both operas voice warnings to women: be constant or lose out, be grateful or be punished.

Through these two very different operas, one comedy, one tragedy, we can look in some small way at the conditioning that has led to our society’s current ideas on the rights and wrongs of female behaviour, her duties, her responsibilities and her punishment.


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